Are you watching creators and brands explode on social everyday, and wondering how you can do the same?


🤫 Here’s their secret

You just have to start, and get reps in every single day.


💪🏼 Time for bootcamp

To help you start, learn, build, and become a content machine.


A 30 day bootcamp and accountability group for creating short-form video and building an audience. In 30 days you’ll brainstorm, create and publish short-form videos for TikTok or Instagram (or Shorts!). You’ll be bad in the beginning and you’ll ship your work anyway, relentlessly iterating and improving until you find content market fit, traction, and have some fun, too.


Cut30 has the playbook for anyone – whether you’re an aspiring creator, brand owner, social media manager or just looking to level up. We will show you the way.

📹 Get started

Complete guides for Instagram, TikTok and CapCut, captions, Greenscreen, graphics, & more.


Brainstorm ideas, identify your content your pillars and create a content strategy out of your expertise.


Get structured and develop series’, plan into the future and build out your calendar.


Workshop, engage, and iterate with our team and your fellow students. Learning is always easier together.

  🚨 No video experience or camera equipment required 🚨


  • 15 videos in 3 weeks
  • Zero to 14k followers
  • More than 1M views
  • Engaged stagnant page
  • No big homeruns
  • 30% increase in MoM sales
  • 8th post got 500k views
  • $20k in sales
  • Featured in GQ’s gift guide


The Plan:

  • Get your questions answered:
    •     What apps?
    •     What gear?
    •     What videos?
  • Find Content Market Fit
  • Turn expertise into valuable content
  • Make your brand a mini media co
  • Work with others on the journey
  • Learn and get feedback from pros

You’ll learn to:

  • Use the tools, apps, and skills
  • Brainstorm hundreds of video ideas
  • Refine your niche and strategy
  • Turn topics into engaging scripts
  • Refine your personal workflow
  • Drive business results with CTAs

In 30 Days you are:

  • Efficiently executing videos
  • Holding view attention
  • Reaching thousands of new users
  • Growing your audience + network
  • Impacting your business


No Niche ❌

The majority of aspiring creators don’t know what to create and who to create it for, and you’ll never figure it out until you start.

Content Fit ✅

We’re going to give you the playbook to create content that you love. Your audience will love. And the algorithm favors.


There’s a big difference between shots in the dark and experimenting.

Proven Process ✅

Learn how to test content ideas, formats, and strategies that’ll help you deliver value.


What equipment? What software? Do I need a green screen to do green screen? We have the answers so you can put content first.

Great videos ✅

Learn how to turn an idea into a great video. How to remix that concept and repeat a format’s success.



“Simply put – an amazing class! They share ALL their techniques and best practices. If you get the chance to take the course – please do. They delivered so much value.”

 – Gibran


Without a doubt CUT30 was the best decision I made in terms of pursuing content. Without the program there is no way I would be in the position I am now this fast.

– Jamal


Cut30 was an awesome experience. It helped boost my confidence as a creator and gave me really valuable tools and framework for scalability. 10/10 would recommend.
– Claire

📆 Your Next 30 Days:


Over the next 4 weeks you’ll brainstorm, record, edit, and post 30 short form videos.


At the end of prep week you’ll have the answers to the questions we spent weeks figuring out: What apps? What equipment? How am I going to edit? Where do I get ideas? TikTok? Instagram? Sit tight, we’ve got your answers.


In week 1 you’ll prepare to run with your initial topics of each video you’ll post, start stacking video ideas, create a framework to brainstorm more, and start posting videos.


Week 2 is about developing your idea pipeline and content sources and getting in reps. Shipping our work, good or bad, and maybe even getting ahead.


By end end of week 3 you’ll have refined your chaotic stream of content ideas into content pillars you can build around.  You’ll also have your first series and recurring segments. We’ll also dive into low-lift, high impact visuals and planning workflow.


In week 4 you’ll develop a basic style guide and revamp your workflow accordingly. We’re leaving default captions, fonts, and titles in the dust. Before you venture out on your own we’ll cover content remix, using stories, highlights, and pins. CTAs, email lists, links, and the like.


4 weeks later you’ve posted 30 videos. You’re finding content market fit and refining daily and keep in touch with all your new creator friends!

Created And Coached
By Folks In The

Colin Landforce is a serial entrepreneur with more than 15 years experience in emerging consumer product industries. He currently serves as President of LTRMN(acq. 2023) and managing partner at Valuable Studios (est. 2022).


Colin started creating short-form content ~4 months ago and amassed over 100k followers on TikTok and Instagram

Alex Garcia is an entreprenuer, growth marketer, and creator at heart who’s built two content agencies and worked with brands like Onnit, The Hustle, C4, Kane Footwear, and The Kollective.


Alex helped these brands double and triple their audience using short form content and is now using it to build his personal brand.


Alex also built a newsletter with over 200,000 subscribers.

Oren Schauble is a serial entrepreneur and brand builder who has worked agency and client-side on projects with brands like Lift Foils, Gel Blaster, Red Bull, Grey Goose, The Surgeon & Chlorophyll Water.


Oren first began posting daily short form video in the summer of 2022, and in a year quickly amassed over 300k followers and across social media with his breakdowns of product development, marketing, trends and the creative process.


If you do the work and aren’t happy with the course for any reason: we’ll refund you.



  • Next session starts Tuesday 1/16
  • Live Zooms to start each week
  • Course material at your own pace
  • Create and post videos everyday
  • Plan on ~1 hr/day creating
  • Plan to be active in Slack


Will I need to buy gear?

This program is meant for users to grow using their phones to record, you do not need pro camera gear!  We provide a list of affordable microphone and light options, but if you don’t have a budget for this you’ll be fine with some wired earbuds. We break all this down in our intro week.

We have a whole section on brainstorming and a big library of ideas for you to work from.

Yes. Our ethos is that to improve, you need to be posting. Even if it’s a new secret TikTok no one outside the program sees, you are going to post video and get better, and we’re going to be there to help.

You can submit questions in advance to all live sessions, and we provide recordings to everyone.

Don’t worry, it happens, just don’t let it derail you from posting your next video.

Yes! This is built for business accounts just as much as it is for personal creators, with examples and ideas specific to businesses of all types from products to services.

You do not! While many will, you can also record and voiceover, or make more aesthetic content, this is built for creators of all kinds.